Hi everyone and thank you for visiting! I contemplated writing this section in third-person a la:

‘Light Brekkie is a project showcase of Singapore-born Australian-based photographer Ryan Lee. Calling Brisbane, Queensland home since 2002, Ryan’s photography covers an eclectic range of genres which include landscapes, photo documentary, performers, promotions and events as well as the occasional wedding.’

which is a functional blurb, but I thought maybe I would have a little chat about myself as well. Best of both worlds perhaps?

So it is Ryan, but to friends and acquaintances it’s often just Ry. I am a freelance photographer motivated by the opportunities the medium presents to better express an individual’s view of the world we live in, as well as to document the wonder of moments which I don’t think anyone would trust a human memory to recount accurately years from now. How cliche can you get right? I know.

Apart from seeing my camera gear as a recording button for my eyes, I also see it as a vehicle- the proverbial magic carpet which will either take oneself and anyone else who wants to come along on that scenic escapade which never has to end.. or at least give one added gumption to go and seek out this adventure.

Thanks again for stopping by, I hope you’re enjoying it! Feel free to leave any feedback, constructive criticism, random messages, thoughts, ideas.. whatever suits you. There’s a comment facility on most pages, or alternatively you can contact me via email at lightbrekkie AT gmail DOT com. Happy to hear from you.

All the best!



Just a splash.. Wivenhoe Dam release, prior to the January 2011 floods

Get that shot!! Wivenhoe Dam release, prior to the January 2011 floods