Lightning over Brisbane CBD, 17/4/2013

So after a long day at work, I picked up some groceries for dinner at the supermarket, got home and was before I could kick back, my neighbour Cal asked me if I’d heard the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM)’s weather warning. As I stepped inside, another mate Alex asked me if I knew about the storms on their way. I managed to deduce from the subtle clues.. that storms were on their way. Didn’t get to chill, I checked the radar and saw a big front about to hit. So instead of a relaxing evening, it was a mad scramble to get out of the house and sit in peak hour traffic all the way to Mt Coot-tha as an easy vantage point. Crossed my fingers there wasn’t lightning activity directly over or it’d have been slightly more than a bit hairy.

Went by a couple of back routes and got up the mountain just in time to get drenched by the fattest rain I’d seen in a while. The lightning was behind thick cloud and I had to seek the best shelter possible which was in the cafe. Eventually the front passed and that cleared the way for a spectacular light show going from west to south. Think the wet was worth it!



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Lightning over Brisbane CBD, 17/4/2013 Lightning over Brisbane CBD, 17/4/2013 Lightning over Brisbane CBD, 17/4/2013