Comet Lovejoy

December 2011 provided for some very interesting happenings in the sky – Comet Lovejoy survived a close encounter with the sun and made for quite a spectacular opportunity. Following getting the invaluable heads up and other useful info from friends, skywatcher Col (GasongDrum) and astrophotographer Alex MacKenzie, I got organised to go stake out Lake Wivenhoe for a few sleepless nights in hope that the stubborn cloud cover wasn’t there to stay. Hadn’t had much experience with astrophotography either so it was a steep learning curve. Boxing Day morning gave the belated Christmas present of perfect convergence of conditions- a dark cloudless sky, a set and tucked away moon, as well as a perfectly visible rising comet, not to mention the Leonis Minoris meteor shower. I attempted a timelapse video of the event, but I’ll attach that to another post.



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Comet Lovejoy Comet Lovejoy