Fun with the outtakes, Lake Wivenhoe

So following the success of the Boxing Day shoot, I headed out again day after New Years’. Wasn’t intentionally making a habit of shooting the day after a public holiday, but duplicating the earlier success would have been wonderful. As you would have it, the clouds weren’t playing so nicely this time round with patches coming and going. I liked this particular spot I chose to set up at, but I was hoping for a bigger sky and not the clouds which hovered over so indifferently. So this shot was really an out-take, and so too the 100-150 or so I was shooting back to back in the same spot.

Taking the opportunity to make lemonade out of lemons, I decided to start stacking these images as I would a star trail and I thought the result was fairly serendipitous nonetheless.



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Fun with the outtakes, Lake Wivenhoe Fun with the outtakes, Lake Wivenhoe