Glow worms down an underground shaft, Rosebank

Sleep deprivation has some perks. This is what happens when you drive 400km in a day- you find yourself interstate after crossing a timezone, a few metres underground in a narrow damp shaft at around 1.30am local time, unable to sit down, stretch, or move around very much because of the slightly muddy ground and damp and narrow inhabited walls, hanging around for about half an hour only accompanied by a tripod, camera.. and thousands and thousands of glow worms. Orange glow is from a baffled head torch I turned on for a fleeting second to get some detail in the environment. Without the short head torch blip, even 30 seconds at f/2.8 on ISO3200 on a 5DII yielded a pitch black background. Reminding me of a blanket of stars, I also tried to do a glow worm trail. Tested it with about 10 minutes of exposure.. turns out glow worms don’t move that much..



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Glow worms down an underground shaft, Rosebank