Kings Beach, Caloundra

September saw the postman arrive with an 82mm Light Craft Workshop ND500 (9 stop) filter with my name on it! I was quite looking forward to getting this mail but despite the anticipation and scheming as to how I would make use of it, I didn’t have much of an opportunity to use it until November! Poor form I know. Rest assured this will not be the case should I receive a 1DX in the mail, or a Dynamic Perception rig, or an EF200-400 f/4L 1.4x IS. One can but dream.

Kings Beach was an interesting location. Accessible rocks during low tide, and plenty of opportunities subject-wise to get 4-6″ bright daytime exposures. It was a bit unfortunate I didn’t anticipate needing a tele as I noticed resident ospreys which were treating onlookers to an excellent display of gliding and hunting. I’ve saved this mental note and will probably be more prepared next time. I did manage a few sooty oyster catchers which were polite enough to oblige me even for a couple of long exposures, was quite happy with the ND500- I highly recommend adding it to any kit.



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Kings Beach, Caloundra Kings Beach, Caloundra Kings Beach, Caloundra