Fun with outtakes, Maleny

With the earlier Draconids being fairly successful from a learning perspective, I was fairly optimistic about this outing, originally intending to catch the Taurids or Leonids. I checked and it looked like a 10% chance of cloud cover North of Brisbane. So on a weekday night, I decided to rendezvous with Alex MacKenzie and KC Weir a bit more than an hour from Brisbane up at Maleny.

As it would happen to me of course, skippysky’s 10% turned out to be more of a 90% and after the rain, there was a brief patch of clear sky followed by thick cloud to the horizon all round. I decided to attempt a tele landscape of the Glass House Mountains with the lights of civilisation in the background, and it turned out fairly interesting. Didn’t stay for long though- looked as if the wet weather was coming back, and I had an early start the next day. Still- there’s something quite uncannily motivating about putting yourself out there (literally) in the middle of nowhere and deliberately forgoing sleep in pursuit of a moment. There’s also something quite humbling about the thought that you could chance upon the most spectacular thing you’ve ever seen, or could see nothing at all.



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Fun with outtakes, Maleny