Nudgee Beach

When you decide to have an alarm wake you up between 3am and 4am on a cold winter’s warning, suggesting you leave the warm comfort of a soft bed to pack the gear, drive somewhere really not close to home, to gumboot through sulphury mangroves to see if there’s a photo which may or may not be there- have I also mentioned on a weekday/work day- you really do hope  there’s something apart from sandflies and mosquitos waiting for you.

On this occasion, I went out with friend and apparently fellow masochistic photographer Alexandra Waters hoping there might be something worth getting up at sparrow fart for. Turned out there was. The sky looked as if someone spilled pinks, blues and yellow and it was a real treat. I’ve been out in summer exploring the same area but have never really seen anything which comes close. Guess it’s true hard work and sacrifices make luck.



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Nudgee Beach Nudgee Beach Nudgee Beach Nudgee Beach Nudgee Beach