Sunrise, Cleveland

So. I found myself slowly getting somewhat horizontal watching The Good Wife last night, on the couch, in front of the tv. Fell in an out of sleep each time realising my contact lenses were still in, the tv was still on and so too were the lights. Probably got about ½ to an hour’s sleep and woke up from it at about 3.30am. Finally managed to sit up straight at about 4am and took my contacts lenses out.

Thoughts played with either going back to sleep and waking up in an hour or two feeling possibly more wrecked, or staying awake and pushing through. Checked the weather- rain over a few areas. Checked the window- cold and dark outside. The decision was clear- have a cold shower, grab my camera, grab my gumboots, drive 40km to the other side of town to hopefully get to walk around in boggy, squelchy mud, chasing a sunrise which may or may look like anything given the weather and how close I was cutting it.

Incidentally, I discovered that there’s good programming on ABC Radio National AM 792 radio at 4.30 in the morning. This morning they had BBC’s classic production ‘My Word’ on and it is pure gold. Tremendously entertaining quiz around language and etymology with affable guests displaying wit and comedic timing up there with the best of all time.

Arrived at my destination, close to Cleveland Point and the outlook, an ordinary type of wonderful. The sun was tucked just beneath the horizon and the sky was beginning to lighten. The palette- grey scale.

Insert well-timed self-realisation- I love my gumboots. I’m already thinking about how I’m going to fix them if they ever fall apart. Where I bought them from doesn’t seem to sell them anymore. If I ever see them in the shops again, I’ll be buying a few more pairs.

One of the earlier thoughts influencing my decision to come out was that just yesterday, after work, I was out west at Kholo and saw the most amazing hint of a sunset- it was red and glowing and the light played incredibly with lowly sat cumulonimbus and cumulus. Was on the wrong side of a hill unfortunately, the better side being private property.

On a tangent, on this side of the hill I found myself helping a random child who couldn’t have been more than 5 or 6, there with his older brother maybe 14 or 15. I Macguyver-ed fishing rig for his line which had snapped. Single paternostered hook with a large pebble for a sinker. Within 5 minutes, he caught a huge black bream. Much larger than any bream I’ve caught lol. By how excited he was, you just knew the kid is going to be talking about this at school for the few weeks, and is probably going to remember it for the rest of his life. His eyes huge as plates he could not stop informing the random people around ‘I caught a big fish!!!’ When his folks came to pick them up, he practically was yelling ‘Mum!!! Mum!!! I caught a big fish!!!’ before their car had even come down the hill!

So back to this morning- the sun started to peek over the horizon and it was one of the most spectacular sunrises I’ve seen in a while. What a treat! Gobsmacked. Was not expecting something that good.

Of all the thoughts that were going through my head this morning, I’m going to write this down so I remember it. A photo is a time and place, not just a place, and that window is tiny and fleeting. A few moments before, there was nothing, a few moments after, there was nothing. The time in-between though- concentrated sensory joy.

I paralleled it to all the times I’ve been out fishing in the tinny in the bay and time and place seems to apply too. If you’re not there in the window during which everyone would rather be engulfed by the comfort of a soft bed and covers, you might as well not be there at all.

Can’t wait to get home to post a couple of this morning’s photos. It’s going to be a long day, but again, so worth it. I’ve already had one No Doz tablet driving into work battling peak hour traffic, and already a double shot cuppa. Only about 4½ hours to go.

On another note, during the drive in I saw an epileptic ambulance racing frantically down the other side of the road, sirens blaring like it was serious. Couldn’t help but feel for whoever it was going to. Whoever you are, I hope you’re ok. I’m wagering that there’s a beautiful sunrise out there you’d really like to see tomorrow.



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