Sunset reconnaissance, Kholo

This trip wasn’t a particularly planned one- weather conditions looked good and the sky looked fantastic. I knew there would probably be a good sunset around, but didn’t know where so took a chance at a couple of potential locations. First, College’s Crossing, Chuwar and it wasn’t a win. It doesn’t seemed to have recovered much from the floods that have come and gone and the water out there looked muddy and unexciting. Had another look at the map and next it was a race to Kholo, to see if anything was going on there. Came to a single lane bridge where some people were fishing. Where I wanted to get to appeared to be private property, a small disappointment as the sky hinted a glorious sunset.

Decided to put some other random life skills to good use and I helped a young kid turn a small stone into a makeshift sinker for his rod which was lying on the ground, his line getting snagged and snapped off moments earlier. Together with a small paternostered hook I tied and a worm the kid had proudly declared was dug up from his backyard, the kid caught a good sized fish- he had to use both arms to hold it!

Thought it was a large black bream or sooty grunter, but on some further reflection and research, I think it could actually have been a tilapia! He apparently took it home for the fish tank, which would have been slightly illegal considering the fact that the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries would have preferred he bury the poor fish above the high water line, while his mother who arrived later would have preferred, as referenced by her overjoyed proclamations, it turn into that night’s dinner. I wonder what became of Mr Fish..



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Sunset reconnaissance, Kholo Sunset reconnaissance, Kholo