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Conditions for the Geminids and Puppid-Velids looked good, with an approximated 90-95% visibility, so I figured it’d be worth a trip out to see some …

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Starfall, Lake Wivenhoe, QLD, Australia, 2/1/2012

So following the success of the Boxing Day shoot, I headed out again day after New Years’. Wasn’t intentionally making a habit of shooting the …

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Comet Lovejoy & Leonis Minoris meteor shower star trail - 26/12/2011

Here’s my very first attempt at a star trail which I got while chasing a timelapse video of Comet Lovejoy and the Leonis Minoris meteor …

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Lake Wivenhoe, QLD, Australia - 9/10/2011

The Draconid meteor shower in October 2011 was the first meteor shower I ever thought of hunting down with the specific aim of photographing. With …

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